Loraxian Raises US$50 million in Series B Financing

TORONTO, Nov. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Loraxian Inc., a global renewable energy and infrastructure company, has announced a $50 million USD Series B funding round with new partner Treasure Union Limited, a Hong Kong based company.  Loraxian will leverage these new funds to drive global growth and scale, with an initial focus on Canada, Asia, and the Middle East.

Loraxian’s infrastructure platform is quickly becoming the standard process, and is expected to trigger the next wave of infrastructure renewal and expansion in North America and globally. Communities around the globe will greatly benefit from Loraxian’s accelerated growth by enjoying more consistent, economical, and environmentally sound sources of energy, water, and building systems.  To accelerate this growth, Loraxian will use a significant portion of the financing proceeds to strategically acquire key technologies currently being used in its infrastructure projects.

Treasure Union Limited’s Chief Financial Officer, Kenny Ho, commenting on the Loraxian investment said, “We are very encouraged with the development of the business model that has been implemented by Loraxian and the significant impact it will have in North America, Asia, and globally.”

“Significant progress has been made over the past year to illustrate the impact and effectiveness of our renewable energy and infrastructure development model on the lives of many underserved communities,” adds Roland Kielbasiewicz, Founder and CEO of Loraxian, referring to the importance of the investment. “We also look forward to expanding our ­­relationship with Treasure Union as they support us in funding the growth in global projects in addition to this initial investment.”

About Treasure Union Limited
Treasure Union Limited, based in Hong Kong, focuses its investments on companies whose products and services are geared to create employment and economic growth to improve the living standard of people in emerging nations around the globe. Its partners of choice are companies founded by entrepreneurial teams whose success and growth are based on the business models they created. Loraxian and its management team met these standards.

About Loraxian Inc.
Loraxian is a professional services firm specializing in the development, finance, ownership, and management of sustainable energy infrastructure projects with a focus on southeast Asia and North America. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Loraxian develops, constructs, builds, finances, procures, operates, maintains, and owns conservatively-managed, building and energy infrastructure assets with a long-term, build and hold strategy delivering secure and stable returns to its investors.

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Cary Kokkonen, Chief Marketing Officer, Loraxian Inc.