YANGON, Myanmar The Myanmar government has formed an independent commission of enquiry on Rakhine issue as part of its national initiative to address reconciliation, peace, stability and development in the state, reported Xinhua.

The independent commission, established on Monday by the President’s Office, is tasked to investigate the allegations of human rights violation and related issues following the terrorist attacks by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) last year.

The Myanmar government has reiterated that if there is violation of human rights by the security forces in Myanmar with firm evidence, investigation will be made and action will be taken according to law.

In the latest development, Myanmar has recently received the first batch of 62 returnees through Nga Khu Ya reception camp in Rakhine state, who had fled to Bangladesh due to the Rakhine conflict.

They would be transferred to the Hla Pho Khaung transit camp in Maungtaw after proper verification and then further sent back to their places of origin as the next step.

Meanwhile, the Myanmar government is also considering the closure of the remaining internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in the country.

There are more than 140 IDP camps in Myanmar, with a total population of more than 160,000 in 15 towns in four states of the country.

Three IDP camps in the western Rakhine state have been closed and three others are to be closed. The camps in three other states will be shut down as efforts are being made to ensure the IDP’s access to education and healthcare, free movement under law and and their participation in the nation’s economic development.

The ARSA extremist terrorists launched attacks on police outposts in Myanmar’s Rakhine state on Aug 25 last year, displacing a vast number of residents to neighbouring Bangladesh.

Source: NAM News Network