NAY PYI TAW, Myanmar Myanmar’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation (MOALI) will assist domestic aquaculture businesses in meeting trading requirements set by the Saudi Arabia Food and Drug Authority, the Myanmar Times reported its deputy minister U Hla Kyaw as saying.

Saudi Arabia in February announced that it would suspend the import of aquaculture products from Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Vietnam from April 1 onwards.

The suspension will be in place until the facilities comply with Saudi Arabia’s requirements and is compliance with World Trade Organisation regulations.

This was announced after a delegation of regulators from Saudi Arabia conducted inspections at over 20 farms in Vietnam and found only nine which met the hygiene requirements of Saudi Arabia.

They also found aquaculture products imported from Southeast Asian nations in January were infected two types of animal diseases namely white spot and acute hepatopancreatic necorsis diseases.

U Hla Kyaw said an additional disease known as white tail was found to have occurred in certain areas in Myanmar, which resulting in the ban, adding that since then Myanmar investigations have found the white tail disease to be present only in farmed shrimp.

He said as the viral infection also does not affect fish, the ministry have written to the Saudi Arabia Embassy for permission to continue exporting our fishery products, and also will provide the necessary assistance required to enable tdhe businesses to export their products to Saudi Arabia again.

Saudi Arabia is among the largest markets for Myanmar fisheries, with exports to bringing in between US$25 million to US$35 million yearly. More than 21,000 tonnes of Myanmar fish and prawns are shipped yearly to Saudi Arabia.

Source: NAM News Network