YANGON, Myanmar Myanmar has received first 62 returnees through Nga Khu Ya reception camp in Rakhine state, who had fled to Bangladesh due to the Rakhine conflict, according to a statement from the State Counselor’s Office Sunday.

The returnees include 58 persons pardoned by the President and four lifted from prosecution.

They had first returned by their own arrangement, ignoring the official procedure, and they had been arrested by the Myanmar authorities earlier.

However, pardoned by the president, they were brought to the reception camp on Saturday.

In accordance with the Myanmar-Bangladesh agreement, those returnees will be transferred to the Hla Pho Khaung transit camp in Maungtaw after proper verification, the statement said.

Myanmar and Bangladesh had reached an agreement on the arrangement concerning the return of displaced people from Rakhine state on Nov. 23 last year.

The Myanmar side has made arrangements to receive returnees by establishing two reception centers — Nga Khu Ya and Taung Pyo Latwe and one Hla Phoe Khaung transit camp in Maungtaw.

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army extremist terrorists launched attacks on police outposts in Rakhine on Aug. 25 last year, displacing residents from a number of areas in Maungtaw district.

Source: NAM News Network