NAY PYI DAW, Myanmar The Social Media Monitoring Team (SMMT) will not be watching over local Facebook users, the Myanmar Times reported the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, U Win Khant as saying.

He said the objective of the team is only to protect the interests of the state and the people, adding there is no intention to give trouble to the people protected under the constitution and have no plan to watch people.

The project is just to prevent the invisible ways used by foreign people and organisations to harm the country and its citizens.

We are afraid of suffering the consequences of actions, without knowing who or what organisations are infringing on our sovereignty, said U Win Khant.

Director of the National Cyber Security Centre, U Ye Naing Moe said it aims to prevent foreign sources who interfere and incite unrest in Myanmar.

With the approval from the Cabinet, the team was established by the President’s Office on Feb 7 to track events that could potentially damage the stability of the state.

Some 6.42 billion kyat (US$4.75 million) from the emergency fund was spent on devices and software needed by the team.

Some Facebook users in Myanmar do not follow social network criteria, so officials are discussing with ministries ways to punish users who violate the rules.

Source: NAM News Network