DHAKA, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the US State Department’s Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs Daniel N Rosenblum said the US would keep continued insistence on Myanmar to create right conditions in Rakhine state for safe return of the Rohingyas with all facilities.

“We continue to call on the government of Myanmar to create the right conditions in Rakhine state to safe return of the Rohingyas,” he told a dialogue on “The United States and the Indo-Pacific Region” organized by Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) at its auditorium here.

Rosenblum said the US Secretary of State Rex Wayne Tillerson made “very strong comments” and continued to speak out about the atrocities on Rohingyas.

The US secretary of state, he said, also demanded Myanmar army’s respect to their civilian government’s commitment to ensure the safety of those “who do voluntarily agree to return”.

“We will keep speaking out, will keep providing assistance as needed, we also keep recognizing the great sacrifices Bangladesh has made dealing with this terrible tragedy,” the US official said.

Rosenblum said US welcomed the commitment made by the leadership in Myanmar to accept the return of Rohingyas” as Bangladesh-Myanmar negotiations were underway following an agreement they reached for their repatriation.

He also assured “supportive” US effort to cooperate with Myanmar to discuss repatriation process provided “of course to those only who want to voluntarily return home or able to do so with dignity and safety”.

“Those principles are applied we strongly support that process going forward but only when those things (dignity and safety) can be guaranteed,” he added.

“We strongly applaud the government of Bangladesh response to this crisis and generosity in taking in the Rohingya and we appreciate the efforts of government that is making to ensure the assistance to those who needed in the Rohingya camps,” the US official said.

He said not only US spoke out strongly about the atrocities that have been committed in Myanmar against the Rohingya people and strongly supported the Bangladesh government response, “but we have also provided a lot of financial assistance to try to help the displaced people.”

Since August, he said, about 95 million US dollar has donated to various international organizations to help the Rohingya people to save lives providing protection, food and shelter as well as healthcare and psychological support which is really essential for survival of the victims who undergone a severe trauma.

Source: NAM News Network