YANGON, Myanmar, The World Health Organisation (WHO), has pledged to provide medical supplies and technical aid to Myanmar, in prevention of the outbreak of snail fever, the official Global New Light of Myanmar reported, Monday.

Snail fever, an acute and chronic disease caused by parasitic worms, released by freshwater snails, has reportedly broken out in the Inlay region of Shan state, as well as, Rakhine state.

The pledge was made by Dr. Stephan Paul, WHO’s country representative, at a coordination meeting with the Myanmar Health and Sports Ministry, at the National Health Laboratory in Yangon, on Saturday.

The disease is prevalent in contaminated dams, lakes, fields and creeks, which have fresh water snails infesting the water.

People are warned to avoid swimming in lakes and creeks, which are vulnerable to infection, as a prevention measure.

The ministry also advised those engaged in agricultural activities, which expose them to infested water, to wear agricultural gloves and farming footwear.

Experts from WHO will conduct research over the outbreak of snail fever.– NNN-MNA

Source: NAM News Network