About Us

The Myanmar News Gazette has completed it’s yet another successful year and now headings towards the goals which it has set to achieve throughout the year of 2016. This online news website has had its renowned presence in the news industry for the longest period of time, and that is the attribute of Myanmar News Gazette, which guides it to lead the news industry of the Asean region. The team, which runs this website, is determined to make sure that all kinds of news on the site is free from being prejudice to the interests of any political, religious and ethnic group and that has made the website achieve the status of being called the reliable news website when it comes to news from all the sectors of Asean region.

As our news website leads the news industry of Asean region, so it is because of our professional method of publishing the news on the website. As this website is known for leading the news industry of Asean region, it has brought many responsibilities on it, and one of them is to stick to the ethics of journalism, because it is the only way to grab the authentic news of all the sectors. The team of Myanmar News Gazette does not believe in getting the ratings by any means and that approach of this news website has been appreciated by both its readers and many media experts. The team behind the website thinks that as “ we maintain our high standards of publishing quality news, it will subtly attract the masses and that will support in getting ratings more easily and legally, but that requires to follow the way determined by the norms of journalism, which sadly many online news websites do not follow

This website is the platform for the businesses of this specific region to make customers from all around the world and increase their revenues. For that the Myanmar Press Release Service, is famous among the owners of different successful businesses, as with the help of Myanmar Press Releases service their businesses have transitioned to become the famous brands from being the small businesses in other regions.

The social media is the integral part of our news website when it comes to never compromise on quality news. The prominent feature of our news website which other online news websites lack, is the social media team, which our news website has and it ensures that every comment of our readers is considered and given due importance, that gives us both their trust and encouragement to come up with the news they are looking for. We facilitate our readers by offering them services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds that makes it easy for them to find out the news.