November 5, 2022

Astronomers Spot Closest Known Black Hole to Earth

Astronomers have discovered the closest known black hole to Earth, just 1,600 light-years away. Scientists reported Friday that this black hole is 10 times more massive than our sun. And it’s three times closer than the previous record-holder. It was identified by observing the motion of its companion star, which orbits the black hole at about the same distance as Earth orbits the sun. The black hole was initially identified using the European Space Agency’s Gaia spacecraft, said Kareem El-Badry of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. El-Badry and his team followed up with the International Gemini Observatory in Hawaii to

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WHO: Rise in Ebola Outbreaks in Africa Linked to Climate Change

World health officials are linking a significant rise in African Ebola outbreaks in this century to climate change. Uganda’s September 20 Ebola outbreak is just the latest in a growing number of eruptions of this deadly hemorrhagic disease in Africa. Since 2000, the World Health Organization has reported 32 outbreaks of Ebola, 19 in the last decade compared to 13 in the preceding one. Ebola is one of a range of zoonotic diseases — infections originating in animals and jumping to humans. A WHO analysis finds Ebola and other viral hemorrhagic fevers constitute nearly 70% of these outbreaks. The remaining

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UPDATE – Acronis promotes Katya Ivanova to Chief Sales Officer

Ivanova brings more than 10 years of sales and business development experience to the new role and will focus on scaling the global sales organization to continue Acronis’s hyper growth Katya Ivanova SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland, Nov. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Acronis, a global leader in cyber-protection, announced today the promotion of Katya Ivanova as its […]

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